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UOL, the best content on the Internet

UOL is the main Internet portal in Brazil since its launching in 1996. It has the world's widest content in Portuguese language, and it attracts seven in every ten Brazilian internauts. It has conquered this place thanks to its record of credibility and innovation.

In its 13 years of existence, UOL has become synonymous with the Brazilian Internet for offering the best content in news, sports and entertainment, besides services and products directed to the needs of the growing web public. Today, there are more then one thousand specific channels, besides dozens of thematic stations.

Updated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, UOL had a monthly average of 15.271 million unique visitors from home in Brazil in 2008, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. Still according to this survey institute, UOL had a monthly average of 1.704 billion page views in Brazilian homes in 2008. The average navigation time per person was 1 hour, 4 minutes.

In journalism, UOL gathers proprietary content, with exclusive reports from prestigious sources such as Folha de S.Paulo, The New York Times, Der Spiegel, Financial Times, USA Today, BBC, Reuters, and partners such as Veja, Exame, Capricho, Trip, Vip, Nova, Claudia, Atrevida, National Geographic, PC World, PC Magazine, Corpo a Corpo, História Viva, Scientific American, and Ciência Hoje.

UOL's columnist team is a real champion: Juca Kfouri, José Simão, Fernando Rodrigues, Jairo Bauer, Rosely Sayão, Ana Maria Bahiana, Sérgio Dávila, José Roberto Torero, among others.

The sports agenda deserves UOL's special attention. UOL covers in real time the main sports events and their backstage in Brazil and around the world, with the intent of attracting the real fans and those who are not so much. It has invested in video coverage. In soccer, the goals are available to internauts minutes after the games.

TV UOL, a pioneer in the Brazilian Internet, has been broadcasting since 1997. Offers more than 100,000 videos. It offers freely its proprietary content and from partners in pay-TV, with the channels, Cartoon Network, Discovery, Fox, FX, National Geographic, TNT, Tooncast, TV Cultura, Adult Swim, Band News, Band Sport , Fashion TV, WooHoo. It also receives content from its users, through UOL Mais.

The portal is strong in other areas of entertainment. UOL Games offers information and fun. Launchings' analysis, discussion forum and online games make of the station a champion of audience in its category at Nielsen, much ahead of its competitors. UOL Music offers news, lyrics, ciphers and music to be listen in Radio UOL, made to attend to the multiple musical tastes of internauts, from Brazilian country to classical, passing through all genders and artists. UOL Television, Celebrities and cultural guides deserve the portal's investment and attract a lot of the public's attention.

UOL has also a premium content for several audiences, such as children, students and teachers, fans of cars, fashion, beauty, technology.

Since the Internet goes well beyond its content, UOL offers various products and services in the areas of interaction, technology, communication, e-commerce, customer attendance.

UOL Chat is the main meeting point in the Brazilian Internet. There are 7,000 chat rooms, in which more than 350,000 people may talk simultaneously. Moreover, at UOL the public talks with their favorite artists at Chats with guests.

For communication with efficiency, UOL webmail has easy navigation and wide storage capacity, and it offers safety to its users.

UOL Search locates specific content among more than 3 billion pages on the Internet. An agreement with Google, developer of the major search engine in the world, has allowed UOL to potentiate the search of videos, sites, images and maps, among other specific searches offered by the portal.

Interactivity and participation are at UOL Blog, Photoblog, Picture Album and UOL More. At UOL K, meeting people and making new friends is just a click away. At UOL More, internauts can post their videos, pictures and audio.

UOL makes the internauts' life easy. UOL Phone, a voice-on-IP system, AntiPop-up to avoid advertising windows, AntiSpam, that blocks undesired e-mail, Videomail and UOL Accelerator, that enhances the navigation speed for narrow band users, are some useful tools.

To better plan your time, travels and itineraries, UOL Weather, Transit and Maps brings information on the weather, traffic conditions, and maps of the main Brazilian cities. UOL Classifieds and UOL Jobs bring countless offers to help in your daily life.

At UOL Shopping, a smart search compares product prices on the Internet. The Shopping includes a supermarket, book and CD, computer and car stores. In two new fronts, UOL products instigate and accelerate e-commerce in Brazil: UOL's PagSeguro is the safest way for transactions on the net, for buyers and sellers; TodaOferta allows anyone to buy and sell through the Internet in a direct, fast and safe way. At TodaOferta, buyers and sellers may discuss at will.

The portal also keeps personal attendance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, offered by the Consumer Assistance Service (SAC). Subscribers may clear their doubts on the services offered by the company.

Moreover, UOL counts on the work of an ombudsman, who acts as a commentator and mediator between the public and the portal, receiving, investigating and proceeding to complaints and suggestions from internauts regarding quality, accuracy and independence of contents and services, journalistic or not, offered by UOL.

UOL: quality in content, safety and innovation in services, variety in entertainment.